First and foremost, congrats to our boy Scottie on finally tying the knot!!

 For those interested in sending him a little something, HERE is his address.  Secondly, after a long hiatus, I'd like to announce.. 

Now, if I were writing this as though I were Scott, I'd probably kick this thing off with:

Brooks and Bryson have officially spoken


But this is MY blog now, and I have nothing to say about my friend Brooks other than I wish him nothing but the best of luck at the Ryder Cup. I have no doubt he'll make us proud. 

K so maybe we're not close friends YET, but we did have a great convo one night at Bathtub Gin NYC.

Guys got a fantastic laugh on him, deep from the belly style laugh. 

 One of the highlights of the evening was FINALLY getting to say:
 "Brooks this is Krooks"

 I've been practicing that one in the mirror for over a year. And I f*****g NAILED IT. 

 The "Bro Out" levels between him and ole Krooksy were fun to watch.  He also thinks he looks nothing like Krooks... But we all know those twins that think they look nothing like the other. Silly goose.

 Quick takeaway from the night: 
 I was asking him about his round at The Northern Trust. I said something along the (blurred) lines of:

 "What did you hit on #1 off the tee?" 

 BK: "My Nike 3-Iron, I love that thing"
 *Side note, he went in the water this day off the tee on #1*

 FOR SOME REASON, I thought I'd question that. I guess my recent time on the bag went straight to my head.

 Bill "Well, what are you gonna hit tomorrow off the tee on #1?"

 BK: "My Nike 3-iron, that I love"

 *Long pause of uninterrupted eye contact*

 Bill: "yeah dude probably a good call"

 Moral of the story: Never question a PGA Tour pro's club selection.   


First, I've found a new favorite city name.



Rob Riggle as the official spokesperson for America had me feeling some type of way. All we needed was him looking Padraig Harrington dead in the eye and hitting him with.. 

If he's on the mic tomorrow, I need it to go something like this..

 "Ladies and Gentleman, Introducing the Back to Back World War Champs, TEAM USA! 

 Introducing first, from Louisville, Kentucky, home of Muhammad Ali, KFC, Jack Daniels, and the only reason to ever wear a proper hat, the Kentucky Derby. Coming in at 5'10" 170, the former poster boy from RLS and now coincidentally wearing RLS again. A 14 time PGA Tour Champion and your 2017 PGA Championship winner.


 A bald eagle then comes and drops JT's ball off on the opening tee box.  I know what you're thinking, the Ryder Cup is already a pretty electric atmosphere. And I agree, I'm just always trying to take things too far. Blessing and a curse I guess. And then a similar like introduction for the rest of Team USA follows. 


America by a millie. 

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James Itkoff