Let the FedEx Cup Playoffs Begin

scott@badbirdiegolf.comReally just needed an excuse to re-surface this gem. My dream is to be introduced by someone of Mark Ingram's energy—what's he doing these days anyways? I did postpone my wedding to September and could use a master of ceremony...

In reality, I still have no clue the exact order of events or format really for the FedEx Cup Playoffs and I'm okay with that.

 I know that people get eliminated after each tournament. I know I'll be rooting the crap out of Rahm and Morikawa. And I'm here for the ride. Well, I'm actually in San Diego for the ride.

While Bill and Krooks are actually THERE for the ride. In New York. As we speak.


An epic golf auction is going down right now...


Stumbled across a truly epic golf auction site called Golden Age Golf Auctions where a Tiger Woods backup Scotty Cameron is currently up for bid and cleared the $75k mark with a week left to go.

 And you know you're starting to get on the wrong side of thirty years old when you scroll the listings and start seriously considering the value of a golf stein from 1895 or a stained Ryder Cup menu to frame for your kitchen.

 I encourage a scroll through their listings because there is some seriously quirky and cool stuff. Like a suspicious amount of Gary Player trophies actually... can we get a financial check on Gary? 

 And the best part is I finally have some solid evidence to show the wife that the 2018 Genesis Open program I still have saved in my bedside table may, in fact, be worth $100 OR MORE in just a short 72 years.

 That'll show her.

Today on Golf Reddit

This post from r/golf came courtesy of u/Alcohooligan—which... nuff' said.

 Anyways, it seems that the Fullerton PD Twitter account posted a picture of what seems to be a lot of crystal meth, a pipe and various other drug related goods that were left in the back of a golf cart!

 As if it wasn't odd enough that Fullterton PD thought themselves to be a regular Detective Bosch (side note, y'all got to watch Bosch on Amazon. Binged the hell out of the 7 seasons over the past month and it's legit) by asking someone to come claim their illegal drugs...

 But then they decide to throw some golf puns into the hashtags too!

 #SpeedGolfing kind of puts a whole new perspective to the newest Mario Golf game and actually answers a lot of my questions about how these developers come up with some of the course designs.


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