The Tour makes one final stop before the PGA Championship this week, just north of Dallas, for the Byron Nelson at TPC Craig Ranch. (Which honestly sounds like the name an unimaginative kid in grade school named Craig called his backyard playhouse but... no judgment!)

 Poked around and found this gem of the OG Byron Nelson in the late 30s, early 40s—straight up chipping his ball on the green over his opponent's gimme-distance putt.


The crowd goes wild and then Byron just casually slaps the other ball out of the way. Ooooooooh it's the completely un-restrained self confidence for me.

Meanwhile, DJ withdraws from the Byron Nelson because...



 Yep, that's Dustin Johnson just last weekend doing a backflip off a boat.

 Never change DJ. Never change.

PGA Tour Superlatives



Vincent Staley


This week in Golf Reddit


Kind of a deep cut from Golf Reddit here where this random dude decided to poll the Reddit community for upvotes? I still don't quite get Reddit but, hey, it always good for a gem or two which maybe is the point.

Figured why not compare my own results to theirs to see how truly fish out of water I am.

 Q1-5: 33 yo // Male // Married // Live in California - BORING

 Q6-8: Handicap: 11.9 // Holding Steady // Amateur - STILL KINDA BORING Q9-12 Taylor Made Clubs // Don't mind a mix and match (especially with putters and wedges) // Callaway and Taylor Made Balls // Not good enough to REALLY think the ball matters technically but mentally? Pegging up a TP5 definitely adds a little extra swagger for sure.


 Q13 - Iron Covers? Hate 'em. Don't bring 'em around me. If this is the first time we're meeting, you've got a lot of work ahead of you to dig out of this hole.

 Q14 - Alcohol on course? Do you! Bachelor party—might as well be an open bar. Tournament play—give me 2 Coors Lights on the front nine and 2 on the back nine, and I'll give you an often mediocre score.

 Q15 - Preferred tee time? Dawn patrol for life. Where my dew sweepers at??

 Q16 - Preferred transpo on course? Cart 60%, Walk 30%, Push Cart 10% when I'm feeling saucy.

 Q17 - Member of a club? B$&*#% I founded a club! Tiny Putters 4 Lyfe!

 Q18 - Hole in one? Yes and I use that picture for all my Slack channels, fun facts in job interviews, slipped into conversation in every golf round and shoved into the face of every golf homie I've got.

 Q19 - Play with friends, family or solo? Idk man, I just like to play. But friends is always nice.

 Q20 - Hot or cold? SeeQ19.


 Q21 - Biggest pet peeve? Long pre-shot rituals. None of us are pros, I promise you all that thinking will not be a net positive. Just swing free and die hard.

 Q22-25 - No one cares.

 Q26 - Who do I pick to drain a 20 footer? The Accountant

 Q27 - Change one rule in golf? Give me all red stakes 10/10 times. This will continue to be my answer until I stop slicing or snap hooking on drives.

 Q28 - Hottest golf take? Blades are overrated. Maybe it's because I'm just not good enough. But I've been playing the same set of player improvement irons for 15 years, still dropped 10 strokes from the handicap and still have plenty of meat on that bone to improve. 

 Q29 - Best course I've played? Torrey South but not fair as it's now my closest muni...

 Q30 - Bucket List? St. Andrews. If it's bucket list then it needs to be far away and so different from what I normally play. 

 Q31 - How should golf grow the sport? Short courses! Challenging par 3 tracks, 6 hole courses, give us options if we just want to get out for an hour and don't want the range.

 Q32 - Best golf tip? Practice short game.

 Q33 - Didn't like this q. Pass.

Checking in with the BBTV fellas 


To all those who don't call golf a sport, we present Krooks Boepka.

 And as the old guy at the starter window tells me after I top the ball off the first tee and it still goes 150 yards into the fairway...

 "It don't matter how you get there!" 

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