Warm up the griddle and pour a little protein powder in your coffee because Breakfast Balls is back, baby.

Today we want to talk about a fundamental part of golf that's got us scratching our heads like a 40 foot triple breaker: The Dress Code

You know, those ridiculous signs bolted to the walls of clubhouses proclaiming, "No admittance without proper attire." And that's just it. What the heck is proper attire and why is some old fogey with his pants tucked in over his belly button trying to flex?

You wanna know the first rule of The Bad Birdie Dress Code?

1.) There is no dress code

It's also the only rule. Wear whatever the hell you want on the course, just promise us you're having a good time out there. And while we're here, let's take a head-to-toe look at how others are bringing their own flavor to the course and what it all means.

The Dome Pieces

We've got nothing but love for traditional dad and rope hats, but there's a noggin' toppin' revolution afoot in the streets, and we're all about it.

Straw Hats

Vacation golf invented two things: the to-go cup pina colada and straw hats on the course. These flat brimmed sombreros are wearable sunscreen and, as Rickie demonstrates, a nice little pick me up to your short game. 

The Sweat Band

For years we've been battling the haters who claim golf isn't a sport. The sweat band has arrived to put that meritless argument to bed once and for all. Now you can tell your significant other you're just squeezing in a "lil' workout" with the boys this weekend.


Just when you thought GPT-3 was going to revolutionize human's relationship with technology, this happens. The perfect balance of class, style, and function. Thank you Space Jam.

The Shades

A great philosopher once said, "sunglasses are the windows to your souls and lower handicaps." That makes a ton of sense to us, and explains our rotating lineup of sunny g's, but there are other theories for rocking ocular UV protection.

Lefty pulled these bad boys out at the Travelers Championship a few weeks back and we have reason to believe, based on our legitimate sources, that these are Phil's secret weapon. Rumor has it that the shades allow him to see tree gaps and lines that are imperceptible to the untrained eye. It's kinda like when Neo experiences bullet time in the Matrix or how dogs can hear at extremely high frequencies. Don't believe us? Then why have Phil's best consecutive rounds this year happened when he was rocking his Tommy Bahamas? 

Our insider leaked that Tiger rocks these questionable shades for one very good reason. To block out the haters.


The polo game is our sweet spot. No brainer. But that doesn't mean we enjoy wearing a regular T-shirt on range nights or playing a quick 9 holes on a Wednesday afternoon. Polo or shirt, tucked or untucked, you choose. We just came here to play some G. 

Never waste a good opportunity to plug your product.

Tarps Off

There is a time and a place for every look. When you wrangle up 3 of your best buddies, 2 of them being major winners, and rent a private course in the Bahamas...anything goes. We honor these trailblazers for having big dreams, tearing the tarps and shoes off, and Snapchatting their entire vacation for the people. Long live #SB2K16

The White Belt

The white belt had its moment. That moment is OVER. 

The only guy who could possibly bring this look back is this guy and this guy only. Yes, the belt-buckle must be included.


We have a longstanding beef with the leg shackles the pros are required to wear, but we'll save that rant for another day. When it comes to dominating the shorts game is there anyone more iconic than MJ?

Cargo Shorts

Why would anyone wear khaki cargo shorts? Well, they shouldn't, unless their bag mysteriously disappeared into a pond on hole number 2 and all they've got left are a 7 iron and need a couple cargo pockets to hoof around some Kirkland balls and traveler alcohol bottles. We will give all you cargo owners a two week notice to get rid of these and get yourself a new pair of golf shorts. We almost fired a Bad Birdie employee for showing up to the office with cargos on so we take this seriously. 


Socks are a free-for-all type of game. We like to dabble in the no-show and crew sock world but that's our preference. Just do you when it comes to your sock preference. Black, white, tie-dye, ones with breakfast burritos on them, it doesn't matter what you tee off with; as long as it creates more yardage off your drive we are for it. 

The J's, The Kicks, The Shoes

Sneaker heads have been going nuts as the golf shoe game has completely changed the past couple of years. We've loved how the pros have embraced a little self-expression with custom kicks.

Personally, we rock the Airmax G's but you do you. Running shoes (see, we ARE working out), tennis shoes, or nothing at all to read every contour of those sweet Bermuda grass greens are totally alright, alright, alright.

For all who made it to the bottom of the email, we wanted to give you some insider news. Restock on polos and some new accessories happening next week. 

One more piece of advice: Swing Hard

James Itkoff