In honor of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am this weekend, I figured there's no better time to set up a Pro-Am of sorts ourselves. An editorial best ball if you will. A little content from me... a little content from you.

 (And if you see your content in this issue, check the inbox later for a token of my appreciation for reading/following/sending some love my way.)

Breaking down the "Am" handicaps...

Golf.com released the "stars, they're just like us" handicap list for all the amateurs competing in this weekend's tourney.

 Which got me thinking about which three I'd pick to create my ideal foursome. Spoiler alert - no one in the hero image made the cut.

 Before I get to the Top 3, here were a few on the outside looking in.

 SCOTT EASTWOOD - only one with a "not provided" handicap aka BAGGER CENTRAL. I've seen this movie before... stay away.

 BILL MURRAY - The more I poke around the internet, the more I realize that Bill is quite the polarizing figure in golf circles. Some love him. Some hate him. I see a 16 handicap, who wears goofy s#&$ and maintains a schtick that's great for IG videos but would likely be insufferable for a full 18.

- No chance I play with the QBs. Josh seems the most promising of the bunch for foursome vibes. But there's just something about quarterbacks playing competitive sports that guarantees you're in for a tense round of hyper-competitive play that's one bad slice away from them snapping a club on the bag and killing the mood.


- All-time glue guy. Sneakily he's the best character from the Ocean's Eleven franchise and he partnered with the USGA to promote public golf... Donny boy, you're in.

 RAY ROMANO (16) - I'll take the other 16 handicap comedian. Appropriately funny to pick us up on bad holes and I had to include at least one golfer with a worse handicap than myself. I mean, it is MY FOURSOME.

 SCHOOLBOY Q (11) - Ever since I read his GQ feature, I've wanted to play with Q. Obviously he'd have full AUX cables privileges, and his style alone would immediately make myself feel about 10x cooler. Again, this is MY FOURSOME!

Provided with literally no comment


Nathan P. Carter out of Florida certainly knew his audience when he responded with absolutely zero context and no further commentary to Issue 73 with these two "wildlife on the course" pics.

 I loved the absolute confidence in this send. Nathan's out here, reading his Friday issue of BB... says to himself, oh dang, I saw a cool animal one time. Attaches two pics, hits send, and then he was off to his day job at The Florida Firm.

OKAY NATHAN! I see those accolades. My man's got his name on the damn practice.

Best Dressed at the Sanford International.

Dawn Butzer coming in HOT from the top rope all the way out in South Dakota.

 Pulling no punches, Dawn sent this Facebook screenshot! with the caption "Best dressed at the Sanford International - my son was a caddie for Mario Tiziani."

 Sometimes you wonder if mothers can exaggerate when it comes to their own children, but as this recap post from the SOUTH DAKOTA BEEF INDUSTRY COUNCIL (iconic) shows—she was not lying. My man was looking fresh AF out there and the aviators add a real Maverick Top Gun layer.

 Hit us up Dawn if your son wants in on some NIL action...

If you're ever in the Seattle area

I put out the call last year to hit me up with some forever course options (full package spots that you could play and hang at for the rest of your life). Trevor Renken dropped this gem—The Golf Club at Newcastle.

 "Clubhouse looks like a Scottish castle and the bar looks out over the 18th green and across Lake Washington to Seattle and Bellevue. Gorgeous and has plenty of food and drink options."

 Plus, the place has a mini golf style course called the Rusty Putter for those who want a quicker round with the fam.

 And if the Rusty Putter name wasn't good enough, the bar Trevor teased is called The Wooly Toad! "Featuring a warm, rich style lounge atmosphere with complimentary billiards and a fine selection of single malt scotches." What a distinguished gentleman.

 Now all I need to know is when does it become pleasant to be outside up there?


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