Cyber Week was an absolute blur but we're back at it, baby!

 Though if you missed out on the Cyber madness, we've still got some pretty epic deals going... including one of my all-time faves Rainforest Rascal for $50.

 And I'll say this, for all the people out there who don't know what to get dad this holiday season, I have now gifted three Bad Birdie polos to my own dad and the man wore one of them to my wedding rehearsal party. 'Nuff said.

 It's got all the swag of a Hawaiian shirt for him but with the subtle refinement of a polo. And dads are HERE FOR IT!

Tiger Watch 2022: "The Press Conference"


Did someone get a little jelly of Bryson's biceps while he was chillin' on the couch watching the Tour during his recovery?

 Sadly, the question above was not actually asked during Tiger's first press conference since his accident. So I'm left to wildly speculate on my own—and I will.

 What we did learn was that while Tiger does plan on coming back, we can officially put to rest any hopes for a full-on Tiger return.

 “To ramp up for a few events a year as I alluded to yesterday as [Ben] Hogan did, he did a pretty good job of it, and there’s no reason that I can’t do that and feel ready,” he said. “I may not be tournament-sharp in the sense I haven’t played tournaments, but I think if you practice correctly and you do it correctly, that I’ve come off surgeries before, I’ve come off long layoffs and I’ve won or come close to winning before. So I know the recipe for it, I’ve just got to get to a point where I feel comfortable enough where I can do that again.”

The Last Hurrah—aka The Hero World Challenge


Our final glimpse in 2021 at the PGA Tour's top talent is taking place this weekend at The Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.

 Prize for last place? $100,000! Sign me up.

 Tony Finau will be one of the 20 distinguished player-guests but he will be without his normal caddie who is expecting his first child any day.

 Which means Tony was in the market for a new man on the bag. And what better person to follow you around than billionaire owner of the Utah Jazz (and close personal friend BEFORE HE MADE HIS MONEY) Ryan Smith.

 Which is quite the flex and also finally explains why the hell Tony was sitting courtside at the Jazz game a few weeks back giving swing tips to Dwayne Wade.

 In case you were wondering...

The Match V: Brooks v. Bryson

Strike one was the complete and total lack of buzz for this Match in the weeks prior.

 Strike two was the 12-hole cap imposed on their duel only to be completely dormie by 9.

 Strike three was detailed by this piece from Sports Illustrated about a "behind the scenes look" into their feud last Friday.

 When the juiciest deets they can pull are a complete lack of words exchanged between the two after the match and then a hushed whisper of a quote from Brooks prior to the event about "wanting to beat this guy bad"—you know it's a bunch of BS.

 Honestly, I can't even talk much more about this because it's so bogus. Give me a new rivalry with some spice please. I feel like if we throw Tyrell Hatton, John Rahm, Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia into a foursome enough times—we're going to see some fireworks.

Today on Golf Reddit

Give me secret dad cam footage for $1000, Alex. Aw man, I miss Trebek.

 Short but sweet video out of Golf Reddit today offered a new spin on swing training. Seems our dude has combined his love for golf with his love for rarely televised Lumberjack games on ESPN Ocho and the result is a log throwing masterpiece.



I'll refer you to this article from The Undefeated and this article from the New York Times about Lee Elder and his impact on the game of golf. For those who may not know, Lee was the first Black golfer to ever compete in The Masters tournament and became the first Black golfer to be honored with the ceremonial first shot this past year at Augusta.

 "Lee Elder was so much more than a golf pioneer. When viewed through the prism of the Masters and golf history, Elder becomes perhaps the most important figure in the game, more significant than Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods."

 RIP Lee

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