What's up Breakfast Ballers. 

We treat the majors like they're a 4-day weekend around here so if it feels like we mailed this newsletter in...you're damn right we did. We were busy getting our priorities in order:

Props to everyone out there hiding livestreams from your boss right now. .

The Mailbag Is Coming...

Ask. Us. Anything. That's right, all you faders, shankers, sand-baggers, scratch golfers, and party animals. The gloves are coming off. We're opening up the robe and revealing the goods. Nothing is off limits so fire away.

Example Q's

Zack from Phoenix, AZ: Is it weird to bring my own bacon for hot dogs at the turn?

Bad Birdie HQ: Well Zack, glad you asked since it's a weekly topic of conversation around the office. Listen, there's no shame in the toppings game, and it's totally acceptable to put a little pig on your dog. We recommend any mid round chow down comes with an adequate sizzling session. To crisp up your bacon make sure to bring a portable oven like this lil' guy that doubles as a ball warmer on chilly days. If your friends can't respect your hustle, then they probably love dress codes and golf claps too. NEXT QUESTION.

On this weeks to-do list: WATCH PGA CHAMPIONSIHP & SEND US SOME Q's

James Itkoff