Happy (Almost) Halloween Everyone 

 While it may be spooky season, we admit that it takes a lot to scare us over here at Bad Birdie. We approach the season like we approach short par 4's—Irrational. Confidence.

 And when 2020 is unleashing more nightmares upon us than Elm Street and the masked dude from Saw combined—you've really got to go above and beyond to shake us. 

 But even The Terminator had a weakness. For us, that's looking backwards and facing our demons - the flubs, mishaps, and playing partners - that have haunted us on the course.

 So if the image below doesn't give you vertigo, welp, you're stronger than us. Now, onto the fear factory... 

The Haunted House Issue 

 Enter if you dare...

The Most Frightening Foursome You Could Ever Be Paired With

Practice Swing Zombie 

Just when you think the practice swings are dead, another yippy follow through crawls back from the grave. By the time you round the turn, you’ll be wanting to give a little Zombieland double-tap kill shot on yourself because this round’s going 6+ hours and there’s no end in sight.


Dr. Franken-talker

Stitching his conversations together like Frankenstein’s monster, this is the guy who absolutely, will not, no matter how many times you try to cut him off, shut the hell up. Backswing? Talking. Putting? Talking. Middle of his own shot??? TALKING! But... maybe he just needs a friend...


The Chuggler

This is the guy who drinks SO much on the course that he actually sucks the life blood right out of the round entirely. Draining it of all its slightly inebriated fun and embracing the darkness of wobbly legged top shots, crashing carts into bunkers and heckling golfers three holes away because he didn’t like their face...

Golfing Horror Stories with the Bad Birdie Team

"I was 12 and playing in my first tournament since learning how to play golf

 I whiffed on my first tee shot completely. Then second attempt I duffed it and the ball barely made it off the tee box. Then I proceeded to slice THAT shot off to the right. I carded a 12 on hole one... 

 It was an anxiety dream come to life and was (more than) partially why I gave up golf until I got to college."

 - Scott the Copywriter


The Scariest Shots in Golf

#3 Scariest Shot in Golf

Teeing off first for your group—and your group is the first of a tournament. The breakfast (ball) of champions.


#2 Scariest Shot in Golf 

HITTING A HOZEL ROCKET on the 18th approach—directly into the patio full of spectators enjoying their hot dogs and bevvies. 



#1 Scariest Shot in Golf

You are the final putt of a scramble foursome—and the first three teammates missed.


Golfing Horror Stories with the Bad Birdie Team

"I put one into the cacti at Steele Canyon. Went headfirst into the desert looking for my ball and stepped an inch from a rattlesnake.

Didn't get visuals on the little guy until after he started shaking his tail and I about sh*t a brick. 

 Not sure the heli-vacs would have got me out in time had he thrown a venomous dart into my calves."

- Zap, Head Looper

Golfing Horror Stories with the Bad Birdie Team

"I was playing in a college tournament and tore a calf muscle half way through the second round.

 Had to play the rest of the day. 

 Did not finish like 08 U.S. Open Tiger Woods, instead couldn't swing a golf club for a month and was on crutches."

 - Zack the Marketing Guy

Hold my beer as I go light my pumpkin...

Stay safe and SWING HARD this weekend.

Zack Wilkens