The Tour arrives in our own backyard.


If can rename the Staples Center then the Bad Birdie Open is definitely in play for 2028 or whenever Waste Management decides to let us have a crack at it.

Until then, we'll just release an absolute BANGER of a collection inspired by the biggest party in golf. Hats, shirts, towels, and polos for him and her!

Sold exclusively at the WMPO this weekend..

All about the 19th Hole


Saw this one come across the feed from the repost factory that is Zire Golf—it was a sneaky hard to find original video though so apologies to the aptly named @liquorgolf.

Apparently, there's a golf course in Washington where a neighboring house along the fairway keeps a stocked beer and liquor fridge. Massive fan of the neighbors embracing their place in the larger golf ecosystem.

And I'm an even bigger fan of the honor system for payment. They're not out there like these guys who collect lost golf balls then try to sell them back to you in the hidden pockets of the course without cameras like we're in some sort of drug deal.

Nah, just back to basics with the Take a Penny, Leave a Penny mindset. Absolutely fantastic and hit me up if you know what course this is. Would love to dig in here.

Speaking of 19th Holes—I love a good golf course bar and want to put a call out for submissions on your favorites for a future BB issue I want to do.


(Stock golf imagery remains undefeated... don't mind me, just a white-haired cool golf guy here sipping my coffee with Bailey's from a college campus food hall cup and reading the paper without my glasses on. Am I pre or post round? I'll let you decide. Cheers.)

A little taste of Ireland in your backyard!


I have been sitting on this find for a few weeks now since the PGA Merchandise Show... and I have been ITCHING to share it at the exact right moment. WMPO week? Little casual 19th hole conversation? Pub Og you are now on the tee box.

Guys, Pub Og is a company out of Ireland that makes 10' x 10' prefab pubs (as pictured above) for $80,000 all-in.

For the people in the back, Pub Og is a company out of Ireland that makes 10' x 10' prefab pubs (as pictured above) for $80,000 all-in!!

There are moments in life where you can actually hear the angels sing and see the clouds open as the sun's beautiful light shines down upon you. And the moment I saw this story, I had to slap on some SPF 100 because the rays were INTENSE.

It's perfect. It's handcrafted from Ireland. Ships to the US. Hidden compartment for a nice bottle of scotch to gift someone who hits a hole in one. Entertainment-ready with a spot for a TV. I... I... I'm crying honestly as I write this. My laptop keyboard is damp with the tears of a man who has found perfection on this earth. made this video profile with a criminally low view count but if you want to see more—just queue this one up. I don't know what else to say besides this...
To my dearest, dearest Bucket Hat Bill,

If I never ask you for anything again, it is that I would like a Pub Og for my birthday, Christmas, work anniversary, whatever occasion allows you to write this off as an official Bad Birdie work expense. I feel that the return on spend for quality of life is at least 10x—and if I promise to not ask you any more to take me with you on your influencer-led excursions to the coolest corners of the golfing world, do we have a deal?

Pretty please?



And now, we wait.

You want to talk about a guy who deserves a Pub Og!?!?


You don't come to Bad Birdie's home city, home tournament, home VENUE in a dope AF polo to win the Pro-Am and expect anything less than a dedicated tribute on BB.

Meet Bruce "Almighty" Bibb! (Initials BB... coincidence?)

Bruce is the winner of this year's Annexus Pro-Am at TPC Scottsdale.

Let me list out the kind of names this man beat with the power of the BIRD. Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Phelps, Rob Riggle, Jared Goff, Reggie Bush, CC Sabathia and Aaron Rodgers.

Wait, did I miss something? Should I know who Bruce Bibb is? You ask.

Damn right you should!

Over the past 24 hours I dug in with some intel on this legend who fast tracked his way to the Mount Rushmore of BB athletes.

Bruce is a George Mason alum, financial consultant and new father—he enjoys sports, exercise, travel, live music, and pretty much anything that will get his heart rate up! He has multiple mentions of his "bulldog" personality on his company profile... which coincidentally was my own nickname in travel soccer because of my unrelenting tenacity on defense... (I was decent!) 

And my favorite Bruce Bibb fact? Bruce is an avid bonsai tree connoisseur. Iconic.

Bruce—if you're reading this. You are a legend. And it would be my honor to send you some merch—sorry, that's about all I can afford. $80k for an actual Pub Og is a lot of diapers for my own baby on the way...

Christopher Taylor