He's back from the dead. The Reed has returned.


He's aliiiiiiiiiiive!!!

 Golf Reddit tipped me off to a seemingly random re-emergence of the completely normal, above board, nothing to see here Twitter account that constantly comes to Patrick Reed's defense.

 The cause for the re-emergence? A 9 month old tweet from Eddie Pepperell discussing the infamous "Sand Incident" from the Bahamas PGA event last December.

 Nothing like sporadic ALL CAPS to really drive home how sane your middle of the night tweet is.

 Nice try, Pat... errr... I mean GolfFACTS.

The USGA finally changes their amateur rules


Hey, everyone has their "thing"! 

Okay so listen, before we begin—let it be known that I am by no means judging this man. Everyone has their "thing" and if Louis' thing is tractors... then so be it.

 That said... Golf Digest tipped me off to a recent birthday party for Louis Oosthuizen, held on his farm, with a the theme of? John Deere tractors!

 Yes, to celebrate his 5th** birthday, Louis decided to flex his John Deere fandom right on down to a John Deere cake and goodie bags!

 **It was actually his 39th birthday. Which is honestly the most shocking element to the story because I would've guessed this man was at least 48. Do you Louis! HBD

Top 10 Most Haunted Golf Courses

Definitely sent a hail mary out to Google this week, hoping that we hit on a most haunted golf courses list. A veritable Where's Waldo of a search come could say—and the internets came through!

 The seasoned reporting professionals over at Haggins Oaks golf course in Sacramento, CA dropped a list of the most haunted golf courses in North America.

 Most of the stories are your run-of-the-mill built on a cemetery/someone died on the 12th hole and now can be seen walking aimlessly through the fairways at dusk.

 But! the wildest story of the bunch is that the infamous Baltusrol Golf Club in New Jersey WAS NAMED FOR THE DUDE WHO WAS MURDERED AT THE COURSE!

 "In the winter of 1831, a farmer named Boltus Roll was brutally murdered by two intruders. His wife fled during the attack but returned to find his lifeless body tied up near the gate of their house. The attack became a local legend. In 1895 the newly created Baltusrol Golf Club would be named after the murder victim."

 Imagine if Los Angeles just opened up a new course and named it Susan Berman Links. Which is really just a reason to bring up how PUMPED I am that they finally got Durst. (If this joke makes no sense to you, go watch The Jinx on HBO. Thank me later.)

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