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Callaway HQ is just north of SD... so the logic tracks.

PGA Superlatives


Matthew Fitzpatrick

I know there's a tourney this week too but...

Am I personally biased because the US freakin' Open is coming to my own backyard this week? Probably.

 But either way, Torrey always promises plenty of action, punishing conditions and there's just something about seeing people paragliding not a couple hundreds yards away from the tourney that lets you know this place is different.

 Here's just a little taste of the course from Golf Digest in my favorite pre-round scouting format—the flyover video. Set to some REALLY sus music too. I feel like I remember this jam from a 2nd grade educational video on how an aluminum can gets recycled or something.

Then I stumbled upon this dude Lee Wybranski who's apparently the premier golf artist in the game.

 Creating these absolute fire US Open posters that would look ideal in my man cave... which doesn't currently exist and if you ask my wife she'll say that I can have the 4 foot tall crawl space area behind our garage.

 Which I'll accept as progress but doesn't mean I can't start stockpiling my man cave memorabilia now! I'm comin' for ya Lee.

Speaking of bucket list courses...

We have our first submission for my "Forever" course!

 This week's entrant comes courtesy of BB reader Jon D. who says that despite the Wisconsin weather, Sand Valley should be at the top of the list.

 Things to consider with Jon:

 No email signature so perhaps a plant from Sand Valley hospitality? Perhaps he's a Wisconsin local? And as a born and bred Chicago area man myself, we were taught from an early age to always be skeptical of what goes on north of the border where Cheeseheads roam free and Milwaukee's Best earns priority tap honors.

 BUT, the Sand Valley golf porn is quite enticing so let's break it down

. REQUIREMENT 1) Grass Driving Range

 Check! "The Practice Center features a full grass range with targets from 60 to 275 yards and two practice chipping and putting greens featuring bunkers, slopes and various lies you can expect on our courses." Plus, they offer Hickory lessons to get a taste of the old way of things, something that I feel becomes more and more enticing the older you get.

 REQUIREMENT 2) Year Round Weather

 This one is gonna be tough to overcome as the golfing season really only is active for 7 months of the year? If you're lucky? BUT, if the golf goes away then you better have some damn good amenities.  Which brings us to my most important requirement...

 REQUIREMENT 3) 19th Hole

 Here is where Jon says Sand Valley shines (beyond the impeccable looking golf and 3 different course options but also, duh).

 A farm to table restaurant, a hunting lodge style bar, a halfway house looking snack shop with perfectly perched adirondack chairs overlooking the course AND a food truck area near the short course all lay in wait for my dining and imbibing pleasure.

 Plus, Jon mentions ample inventory of his favorite brew - Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Company. Hailed as the perfect pair to foods such as brats, pork rinds, nachos and a 5 year aged cheddar. To which I say, could you be any more of a Wisconsonian? But also, respect the game.


Think you've got a course that can beat Sand Valley?

 Hit Me Up! Seriously, I might have a little extra Bad Birdie love coming your way because of it! 

Xander and his pops want to help you!



Alright so the gist of this piece is basically Xander and his dad partnered with some tech company that analyzes swings.

 Ok fine. But who cares?


 Because apparently if you share a video of your swing on social using #HylandContest, you could win a bunch of stuff AND get a chance for a few golf tips too.

 It's a no-lose situation right? Except maybe getting your swing roasted by all your other friends and followers, but tbh they probably already know you're not a great golfer to begin with so shoot your shot!


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