Iss. 28 | Pirates and Vegas—Name a Better Duo

Iss. 28 | Pirates and Vegas—Name a Better Duo


Something must be in the water this week because there were BUCKETS of great content from the pros. Starting with this gem from (of all places) the European Tour—which kicked off its season in Abu Dhabi this past weekend.

I previously thought the funniest thing about European golfers was that they spell programme with an extra "m" and "e." 

 But apparently, I was mistaken. 

 Featuring Tommy Fleetwood, Tyrrell Hatton, Eddie Pepperell, Ian Poulter, Henrik Stenson and Matt Wallace—this vid is a genuinely delightful way to start the day.

 "Remember, when you're feeling glum, pop up your thumb!" 

 Also - anyone completely thrown off by seeing these guys without hats? Poulter and Stenson are particularly jarring. Just me? Cool, moving on.


The world finally caught a glimpse of Mark Hubbard's bizarre (yet ingenious?) putting stroke he dubs "The Snail."  

 He lined it up on 18 on the final day at the Amex last weekend and, while the missed putt should likely be all the evidence needed to determine its effectiveness, Mark claims it's usually automatic within 5 feet... sure, Mark.

CriBBs: Vegas Edition


We've been doing a little vacay rental browsing around some of our favorite courses and swashbuckled our way upon this compound outside of Las Vegas. 

 23 bedrooms, 4 full kitchens, 3 pools, 2 water-slides, 2 outdoor bars, poolside pizza oven, theater, full gym and, oh yeah, it's called The Pirate's Cove!

Only a quick stretch Hummer limo ride away from the Vegas strip and an hour and a half or so in a party bus (roughly 4 Michey Seltzers depending on outside temps and the crew's rage levels) away from Wolf Creek Golf Club.

 For those somehow STILL not convinced—there's a hype video.

 Is scoring a birdie while dressed as a pirate called a Jack Sparrow?


Si Woo Kim took down his third PGA TOUR title last weekend in La Quinta, unleashing his signature driver off the deck on the 11th. A shot his caddie dubbed "the safer option!" 

 And being the foremost authorities on Never Laying Up, it got us wondering, who is this mad man?!

Welp, for starters, he's got an entire YouTube vid of driver on the deck highlights, combined with challenges he gave himself like this electric, spark-flying one off a cart path! (Though, it helps he can get a brand new driver any time he wants... please don't try this one at home people.) 

 And speaking of electric performances... we stumbled upon this Cameo, which could be yours for the low price of $150!! It pays to win.


Here's the latest fire content from r/golf this week. We'll be printing out copies for the next golf tourney with the boys. 

 "While bombs are falling, players may take cover..." 

 Damn, right!


BBTV's Krooks Boepka never loses a ball and today he shares how, with just a few simple clove hitches and some light to moderate Boy Scout training, you too can recover any ball—no matter the terrain. No, cliffs, ands or buts about it.

Want to re-heat some leftover Breakfast Balls? 

 Check out our blog and dig in.

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