Bad Birdie was born out of one simple fact - golf apparel is boring. At least it used to be...

A couple years ago my buddy asked me to play in a tournament and I went looking for a new fresh polo (if you’re gonna take home the hardware might as well look good doing it). I searched everywhere and the only options were solid, striped and 100% unexciting. You know, the exact kind of polo grandpa would wear. 

Golf felt stuck in the past and was getting hammered by pundits. “The game is dying! An absolute snoozefest! Is it even a sport?”

At the time I wondered, "Are they even playing the same game I am?" What wasn't to love about hanging outside with your best buds, cracking a few cold beverages, and chopping it up over some friendly competition?

To us, golf was meant to be, above all else: fun.

So I made the decision to start making golf apparel because I knew there were a bunch of guys who felt the same way I did about the sport.  The journey started with searching "How to make golf polos" on Google and figuring it out from there.

For the first 9 months I ran the business out of my apartment. Packing boxes mornings and nights and answering customer service emails using my roommates’ names to make it seem like we were bigger and more legitimate than we were. 


Three years and a blink of an eye later, I'm shoving paper towels under my arms to stop the nervous sweats and walk into The Tank... and let me back up for a minute and say I've been watching Shark Tank for as long as I can remember, reading the Shark's books and chewing on their advice, taking the learnings and applying them to the business I started out of my room, the very same business I was about to take in front of those very same Sharks... all to say, being on the show was unimaginable.  You'll have to watch - won't post any updates until the east coast episode airs.


Huge thanks to all the Bad Birdie customers who have supported me and allowed me to tell my story on Shark Tank - I wouldn’t have been able to do that if you hadn’t supported the brand with your dollars and enthusiasm for the community (I see you guys rocking the gear at golf tourneys all across the country).  Last but not least, BIG shoutout to everyone who works on the Bad Birdie team. There’s no way I could do it without you.

Swing Hard, my friends. Swing Hard.

Jason Richardson, Founder Bad Birdie