We don’t know about you, but we’ve never set foot on a golf course and had a bad time.

If you're looking for a good game and a better time, we've got you covered. At Bad Birdie we design standout golf apparel that's comfortable as hell but never compromises on performance or good vibes.

Let's tee one up.

18 holes down, 18 to go? No sweat.

UPF 50 helps block the sun while our moisture wicking technology helps keep you cool while shooting low.

Wrinkles & sweat stains? Forget em’. It’s time for a polo mulligan.



"Bad Birdie is the real deal. Converted a devout Nike guy"

- Andrew C

" I love the shirts, this is my 3rd bad birdie golf shirt and looking forward to new designs to purchase more of them in the future. I love arriving to the golf course and raising the eyebrows of my golf partners. I would own a couple more but the shirt patterns have been discontinued due to selling out of them and they were not going to be on back order. Keep up the great work and I look forward to continued shopping with bad birdie. "
- Jim B.

" Best way to get birdies? Wear this shirt with birds on it. Look good. Feel good. Play good. Buy this shirt. "

- Craig S.

" This hat is nothing short of bad-ass. BB has continuously put out exceptional, high quality, and bad ass golf apparel and merch. BTW...just saw the towels...yea I'll be getting some of those too. "

- Andrew C.

"BAD...the good kind! By far the most comfortable golf shirt I’ve ever worn—A+ quality across the board."

- Ryan C.