WMPO 2023


WMPO: TPC Scottsdale // 2.9 - 2.12

The Scoop: Bad Birdie invites caddies to adopt the bird throughout WM Phoenix Open Tournament play. 

Let Us Dress You: In hopes to disrupt an already disruptive atmosphere, caddies will be seeded Bad Birdie product, in form of an exclusive shopping experience, to last from day one tee off all the way to Sunday’s SHIP. 

Throughout WMPO preparation periods, caddies may visit Bad Birdie retail to select their go to (4) product combinations. Yes, we assume you and your pro will make it all the way to the purse. 

Welcome to the Fam: While visiting, caddies will be signed to a (4) day product contract making them a Bad Birdie signed athlete until the WMPO hangover sets in.

Signing Day: Evening of 2.7 at Bad Birdie - Kierland Commons Retail. Further details to come. 

Let Us Pay You: Short and sweet, the longer you wear our goods on-course the more you make.

// Thursday / Friday - $150 / day

// Saturday / Sunday - $250 / day

// Top 10 Finisher Bonus - $1000

// 1st Place Finisher Bonus - $3000

Bad Birdie will pay each signed athlete to rep the Bird (polo and hat) on course. Simply submit an invoice (post Open) and we’ll send you a check. Worst comes to worse, you leave with $300 extra bucks and a start to an ever-growing Bad Birdie product collection. 

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